Marie Bedross

Founder & Head Chef

Marie, known in nightlife as “Mantra” grew up in a food-minded household before the homogenization of Harlem community gardens when chickens ran free in wildly overgrown abandoned lots, and she and her siblings were depended upon to cook for themselves. She started working in kitchens when she was 15 after a checkered history within the NYC public school system. 

She spent the remainder of her teen years working in kitchens, weaving her way in and out of sound, culinary and healing circuits. At 19 she saved up enough to move to Thailand to continue her studies in psychoacoustics & yoga. There, she started catering local yoga trainings on the island, experimenting with a wide range of local ingredients to accommodate the dietary preferences of privileged tourists on healing pilgrimages. Sourcing good quality ingredients on a low budget is what sparked her interest in foraging. As her relationship to the land deepened, her awareness of the ecosensuous aspect of food grew, and she started seeing how taste could be used as a bridge of communicating wisdom from our Global Mother. The more she pursued her culinary path in European conventionally patriarchal michelin kitchen hierarchies in Australia and back home, the more she understood how eco-misogyny & colonialism were embedded into our current food paradigm. She became certified in Permaculture through the Center for Bioregional Living when she returned home to New York before starting Remedi Food.

Her intention starting Remedi was to help restore the path of communication between consumers and the Mother from which we came by providing healing food direct from ethically maintained soils to her local New York community and beyond.