Join us for dinner every Full Moon...


Autonomy is founded in community. It's nearly impossible not to feel hopeless and isolated in this political climate, but if we're going to continue resisting our now more explicitly insidious leadership, it's essential to remember we're not alone. These dinners are meant to remind us to celebrate the love and abundance we generate for ourselves within our community, to lessen our dependance on the powers that be.

Full Moons are powerful times for transformation and community grounding. Circling is intended to be a space to share openly and without judgement, voice intentions for the upcoming moon phase and ground those intentions through somatic practices like vocal toning.

Our food is ethically sourced, lovingly prepared and made with the intention of restoring our connection to our Global Mother.
We don't use recipes, processed or conventionally grown ingredients, animal products, or ecologically ignorant materials in production.
Mantra decides the menu the morning of each dinner, depending on what is available at the union sq farmer's market & bushwick food coop. 


A $25 donation covers food and space costs. If money isn't your primary form of abundance, work-trade is available. Please get in touch below if you'd like to volunteer...


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Preferred Name
Please briefly summarize your experience with food service/handling if any, so your experience volunteering is as harmonious as possible <3